ENG203 Engineering Drawing - I (1+0+0 1 Units)


  • Use of draughting instruments, lettering, dimensioning, layout.

  • Engineering graphics - Geometrical figures, comics,

  • Machine drawing, introduction to assembly drawing, working drawings

  • Pictorial, freehand sketching, conventional practices.

  • Graphical calculus and applications development, intersection of curves and solids

  • Projections - lines, planes and simple solids. Principle of Tangency, Orthographic projection, Isometric projection, Oblique projection (with harder examples), Auxiliary Views, Sectioning, True length of Lines and shapes, Interpenetration of Solids, Development of Surfaces. Simple examples such as threaded fasteners.

  • Introduction to Computer Aided Drafting and Architectural drawings. Electronic draughting packages: principle and use in engineering design. Simulation packages: principle and use in engineering.

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