CVE202 Strength of Materials (2+0+0 2 Units)


  • Force equilibrium - free body diagrams.

  • Concept of stress, strain; Tensile test. Young's moduli and other strength factors.

  • Axially loaded bars, composite bars, temperature stresses and simple indeterminate problems. Hoop stresses in cylinders and rings.

  • Bending moment, shear force and axial force diagrams for simple cases, Simple torsion and application.

  • Advance topics in bending moments and shear force in beams. Theory of bending of beams. Deflection of beams. Unsymmetrical bending and shear center, and applications Strain energy. Biaxial and triaxial state of stress. Transformation of stress. Mohr’s circle, Failure theories, Springs, Creep, fatigue, fracture and stress concentration.

  • Concepts of Stress and Strain, Torsion, Failure Theory. Design of Beams and Shafts for Strength. Columns. Thick walled cylinders; Compound cylinders. Rotating disks. Bending of flat plates. Beams on an elastic foundation. Membrane stresses in shells of revolution. two-dimensional theory of elasticity. Elementary Plasticity and Elastoplastic, problems, torsion of non-circular section. Limit theory.

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