ENG200 Student Work Experience Programme (0+0+0 0 Units)


  • Introduction to practices and skills through supervised hands-on workshop exercises in each engineering departments: Mechanical Engineering (Fabrication, welding, Machining, Foundry, Automotive operations, etc), Chemical Engineering (bar and liquid soap, creams, paints, etc), Civil Engineering, Computer Engineering (soldering and de-soldering, building of different circuits, etc), Petroleum Engineering, Electrical Electronics (surface and conduit wiring, etc), Information and Communication Technology (Satellite Dish installation).

  • Working in the construction site if available during the period.

  • Introduction to Networking Operation Center (Satellite Broad casting), Bakery Operation (Bread Production), Water Table, sachet and Juice Production, Printing Technology, Fire-fighting Exercise and other available related general engineering practice on campus. These exercises include familiarisation with basic tools, troubleshooting.

  • Safety precautions in handling devices in each workshop.

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