EEE 325 Physical Electronics (3+0+0 3Units)

  • Free electron motioning static & magnetic fields, electronic structure of matter, conductivity in crystalline solids.

  • Theory of energy hands in conductors, insulators and semiconductors; Atomic bonding in semiconductors. Types of semiconductors. Electrons and hole in intrinsic semiconductors. Femi-energy acceptor impurities. Majority and minority carriers. Charge densities in a semiconductor electrical properties of Ge and si.

  • Formation of depletion layer. electrons in metals and electron emissions; carriers and transport phenomena in semi – conductors, characteristics of some electron and resistors, diodes, transistors, photo cell and light emitting diode. Junction or barrier voltage.

  • Energy band diagram of a p-n junction. Forward biased p-n junction. Forward V-1 characteristics. Reversed biased p-n junction Reversed V-l characteristics. Reversed biased breakdown. Construction and types of P-N Junction diode.

  • Elementary discrete devices fabrication techniques and IC technology.

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