EEE 341 Electromagnetic field and Waves I (3+0+0 3Units)

  • Electromagnetism; magnetic circuit; magnetizing curve; characteristics of magnet materials; Electromagnetic Induction; Excitation of Magnetic Circuits; Hysteresis and Eddy Current Losses; Energy Stored in Magnetic Circuits; Mutual Inductance and Transformers; Electromechanical Energy Conversion.

  • Principles of Direct current Machines. Semi-Conductor devices, Electrical Measurement Instrument. Electric Charge and the law of electrostatics; Electric Field and lines of forces; Electrostatic Induction; Electric Field Intensity; A charge particle in an Electric Field; Electric Flux and Electric Flux Density; Electrical Potential and Energy; Dielectric Materials and their Properties; Poisson’s Equation and Laplace’s Equation; Capacitor; Insulation, Resistance of a cable; Energy stored in a capacitor.

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