EEE 415 Circuit Theory II (3+0+0 3Units)

  • The Open-Circuit impedance parameters, short-circuit admittance parameters, hybrid parameters, transmission parameters, relationships between parameter sets, and interconnections of two-port networks, computing two-port parameters using PSpice.

  • Fourier series, symmetry properties of non-sinusoidal waveforms, fourier series empirical harmonic analysis, circuit applications, average power and r.m.s values, Parseval’s theorem.

  • The shifted unit step function, the ramp and impulse functions, waveform synthesis, the initial and final value of f(t) from F(s), and the convolution integral.

  • Balanced three-phase voltages, Balanced Wye-Wye connection, Balanced Wye-delta connection, Balanced Delta-Delta connection, Balanced delta-wye connection, power in a balanced system, unbalanced three-phase systems.

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